We DuctNet design, produce, construct, repair and sell conditioning duct for large scale facilities in Thailand.

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The Seminar which was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok City on March 9 was introduced to each company.
We held the seminar “ “DUCTS” Engineering for Buildings ” on 9th March.Please click here.
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We made our company profile movie. Please click here to watch it by YouTube.
2015.12 DuctNet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. website opened.

Work for future air conditioning,
make buildings, factories and large scale facilities comfortable


We have a large assortment of necessary components for installation
such as round and rectangular ducts for providing comfortable air.

Utilize our 50-year experience for Thailand

We established DuctNet (Thailand) for providing our customers living in Southeast Asia, including Thailand with comfortable air conditioning environment.
We design, produce, construct, repair and sell conditioning duct for buildings, factories and large scale facilities in Thailand.

Our headquarter Fukagawa Co.,Ltd was established in 1960.
We have been producing and selling conditioning duct components and devices under our slogan of "Helpful Service to Customers".

We DuctNet provide service carefully and promptly to Thai customers by utilizing 50-year experience we gained in Japan.
We are expanding our business which creates comfortable big-scale space to Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Utilize our technology and experience, Sharp Mind

We have not only Japanese high-technology and experience, but also experienced and talented staff.
We currently have more than 30 staff, including Japanese and Thai, and we also have Thai staff that can speak Japanese and English.
We also exercise ingenuity in communication between each staff.

We are aiming to provide high-quality service to our customer as they request. We always think about things from our customers' viewpoints.
Such as the expense of installation and components, design, construction schedule, we will propose the best plan for each customer.

We will install sustainable air conditioner for the future

We DuctNet will give first priority to accurate design with 3D-CAD, then work on installation.
By confirming duct-rayout with CG, you can eliminate differences from work site which also allows you to reduce useless costs.
We provide our products with excellent durability, and help you to reduce costs in the long run.

We design and install products while considering the life cycle of buildings, factories, and large scale facilities.

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